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DVD players

We record your
PictureSong on DVD-R
certified discs. Even though
a wider range of home DVD players ARE compatible with this media, NOT ALL players are. We leave it to you, to decide and check if your player is compatible with, and will play DVD-R media before you purchase.

Add Some DVD Extras
This is where things get off the ground and, shall we say, into your home theater with your very own PictureSong. The Signature bundle contains all the right features for a well-priced DVD package. Choose bundled themes ranging from special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, family vacations, and more. Or if you choose, simply create your own. At a nice discount, upgrade to our Ultra or Elite package by placing multiple PictureSongs and slide shows on a single DVD.

Our "Signature" Bundle
Includes an individual PictureSong with 3 personal screen credits, a 50 photo slide show, delivered on a single DVD stored in a customizable case.

Our "Ultra" Bundle
Two PictureSongs, each with 3 personal screen credits and a 50 photo slide show delivered on one disc with a duplicate DVD included.

Our "Elite" Bundle
Three PictureSongs, each with 3 personal screen credits and a 50 photo slide show delivered on a single disc with 2 duplicate DVDs included.

Our available services
Go To Your Shopping Basket
Feel good about knowing we can help you every step of the way. Call on us and add our scanning services or music purchasing to your shopping cart. Want additional copies of the same DVD? Add all the services you need from our Services Center.

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