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Frequently asked Questions

How much time and effort is needed to provide my PictureSong materials?
Preparation for your PictureSong can be an easy task. We ask that you provide us your photographic memories one of 3 ways, although we recommend sending electronic files. If you moved to a digital camera recently and you already have your images stored on a hard drive or compact disc, the process is a breeze. Only selecting your photos and naming your files remain.

After my submission is complete, how long will it take to receive my finished DVD?
We ask that you allow a full 3 weeks for delivery of your final PictureSong package. In most cases, however, it's sooner.

What are the photo slide shows?
The photo slide shows that are included with every PictureSong prove to be a great feature. Each and every photo that is submitted for your project will also be placed in an interactive slide show. This slideshow can be operated by remote control with capability to click through your photos at your leisure. The slide show is accessed through the main menu of your DVD.

What are personal screen credits?
Included with each and every bundle is the choice to add customizable screen credits. Just like the movies! Use them to tell that special someone how you feel or to congratulate a special wedding couple. It's a nice way to open and close your PictureSong production.

These are a few of the more common questions we receive. If the answers provided here do not help you, please feel free to contact us with your specific question. After all it may end up here!

What is a PictureSong?
Constructed from the photography you provide, along with a chosen song, we transform and preserve your photos and most cherished memories in a unique musical motion picture. The end result is delivered on a custom DVD that works in most standard players sold within the United States.

PictureSong Sample

How much does a PictureSong cost?
Depending on the DVD bundle you select and the features you decide to add, a PictureSong doesn't cost much more than sending a dozen red roses. Our most popular "Signature" DVD bundle starts as low as $99. An investment that won't wither with time!

What's my role in the process
of making my PictureSong?
You are the storyteller—the one who decides what goes into your PictureSong and how it turns out. You choose the musical score and place the images in a specified order.

Can video be added?
Although we do not offer the option to incorporate video content into your PictureSong, you can add video content as an additional link on your DVD menu screen. Add these services when purchasing from our secure WebStore.

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