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Step 1 - Selecting your Photos Step 1 - Selecting your Photos
The music you choose for your PictureSong is most important because the song you select will set the tone and tempo of your PictureSong. Make sure the song fits appropriately with the photographs you choose. Pick from today's popular music or from timeless classical works. PictureSongs work well with slow waltzes, a hip dance groove, great oldies, or good old rock and roll. It's up to you, so choose what speaks to you. Choose the music that moves you and leaves you wanting to listen again and again.

Whether digging up old pictures from the past or telling a story with your latest digital photos of the family, when choosing the content for your PictureSong, it comes down to what works best for you and ultimately what you hope to achieve.

Types of photos to use
Blending different types of images together adds a sense of variety. Choose a variety of candid portraits, some action shots, and a few still scenes. Although portraits can make up the bulk of your images, action photography and still scenes break up the repetition.

Sequencing your photographs
Please indictate the order in which you want your photographs displayed throughout your PictureSong. We do our best to create visual interest, but the result is always better coming

Music tempo and image count calculator
Please choose your song's tempo and select its recording length below. Round the song length up to the nearest half minute interval:
from you. Please review our Submission Guidelines for tips on sequencing and sending your photos.

How many photos will I need?
Since we time each PictureSong independently to your chosen song, the number of photographs that will be used will vary. For guidance, use the on-line calculator shown. It gives an estimate of how many photographs are recommended to properly fill your PictureSong.

Your image count estimate
The estimate is our best calculation of how many photos you’ll need to fill your PictureSong from start to finish. Because each PictureSong is unique in its music and content, we do not guarantee that the number displayed will be the exact number of photos used in your final PictureSong.

Copyright issues on music
We often use the expression "they're playing my song," not always remembering that while we may have emotionally adopted the song, it still legally belongs to the songwriter who created it and the music publisher who markets it.

By receiving the music directly from you,
we can produce a limited number of copies for your personal use without copyright permission or licencing fees. We do, however, provide services to purchase the music if you do not yet own it.

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