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Snail mail procedures Step 2 - Sending your Material
If you decide to make use of the post office or another carrier, wrap your materials well! Do you have the needed forms to complete your materials submission? Download them and include them as part of your mailing.

Scanning services available
Once you've chosen your song, selected your photos and placed them in a specified order, there are 3 ways to send us your materials. If you wish to upload them over the internet, simply do so here. Have you reviewed our Submission Guidelines? Please include the PictureSong ID and password in case we need to contact you regarding your project.

PictureSong Submission Form

If you plan on sending original photos to us (so we can scan them for you), please make sure to add the service request when you check out from our WebStore. We will promptly return your photos with your final DVD.

Mailing address for all materials
PictureSong Studios
P.O. Box 1658
San Marcos, CA 92079-1658

PictureSong Sample

User ID
Music File

Once upload is in progress, please wait for confirmation.
On occasion, larger file sizes need more time to upload to our servers. A 10 MB file upload can take as long as 15 minutes to confirm transfer depending on your bandwidth.

Once you've submitted your materials, continue on to the final finishing touches and further personalize your PictureSong by adding credits and personal messages.

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