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Preserve your memories on DVD
If you’re like most people, most of your family photos are tucked away somewhere in an old shoebox, only to be pulled out of hiding at your next spring cleaning event. Isn’t it time to enhance, preserve, and have easy access to those memories?

Constructed from the photography that you provide, along with a chosen musical track, we preserve and transform your most cherished memories into a unique musical motion picture moment. A musical slide show, created in high resolution on DVD, a PictureSong will astonish you with its impact. From the moment of its anticipated arrival through its final screen credit, what you get is a custom PictureSong that will leave behind one epic impression!

A Great Gift Idea!
Are you frustrated when it comes to finding the right gift? We create a meaningful alternative, so choosing your next gift won’t cause you grief. A personal PictureSong can be something quite special. Click on any of the samples shown here to get a better glimpse of what a PictureSong really can be!

By converting your photos to a digital format, you are halting the aging effects of time, in a sense preserving your cherished keepsakes. What better way to enhance the memories you share with family, friends, or loved ones, than by giving them an enduring PictureSong preserved on quality DVD.

Select from our many DVD bundles
Choose from the many unique DVD bundles that are available at our WebStore. Within a few short weeks from your completed materials submission, your PictureSong DVD will arrive in the mail ready to impress!

Choose from themes such as:

Wedding Day
Birthday Wishes
Fun With Friends
Family Reunions
Summer Fun (Family Vacations)
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Valentine Wishes
Christmas Memories
or Create your Own!

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